Male Doctors Are Outearning Women In Every Specialty

Male physicians are still making more than women across every specialty, according to a new study by WebMD that surveyed 15,000 doctors.

Women physicians earned a median of $160,000 while men reported a median of $225,000. The study attributes the gaop to a number of factors including women on average work less hours and choose lower-paying specialties.

Surprisingly, the study reported that female doctors actually spend less hours per week seeing patients than their male colleagues. On average female physicians spend less than 30 hours a week seeing patients.

On a side note though more women are becoming rectal and colon surgeons, which is a high-paying specialty, because they allow women more flexibility with their personal life due to the growth of routine colonoscopies being scheduled in advance. In 2007 it was found that 31% of colon and rectal surgeons under 35 were women compared with 3% of 55 to 64-year-old women in the same field, showing that younger doctors are going into this specialty more.



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