The Stressed, Overworked Female Character In Movies

The overworked, stressed woman is a staple character in films, especially in romantic comedies.  The classic plotline of girl who is totally consumed by her work until she meets that very special guy who teaches her there is more to life and that she has been missing out is oh so popular. However, then her work starts to suffer so she dumps the guy but then they magically figure it all out within two hours. This has been very played out in cinema. I am pretty sure we have seen Renee Zellwegger do this multiple times in films. Most of the time the movies have a happy ending in which the woman keeps her job or gets a different one and the guy but sometimes (in the darker films) they seem to only be able to have one or the other or have to radically change their life. Let’s take a look at some of our favorites.


Photo: Paramount Pictures

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