Do You Use Your Sexuality To Manipulate Men In Your Office?

Once a girl gets her first period and realizes the power the phrase “girl troubles,” has on a male teacher, it’s all uphill from there. They quickly understand the difference between the genders and, under a lot of circumstances, just what type of putty men can be in their  hands.

While terms like “women issues” or a single tear play in their favor when they’re in the schoolroom, their sexuality can become a key component in the office. Women can choose to use it or not. This is not to say that all women use their sexuality to get what they want in the workplace, but those who do, know the power it can have.

We asked around to see if women had used their sexuality at one point or another in the workplace, and if they had what was the outcome.

On having a male boss:

“I am always relieved when I have a male as opposed to female boss because it’s sort of like ‘okay, I am going to flirt with him a bit, and he is going to let a lot of stuff slide.’ Not a lot of flirting. Just an indication that maybe, under completely different circumstances, I’d find him wildly attractive, but am holding back because of professional attitudes,” said one anonymous.

On interviewing:

“I love when I have a job interview with a man. With one extra button undone on my blouse, their focus is on my boobs and I feel like I’m in control of the situation,” said another.

However, not everyone feels that using your sexuality to your advantage is a good thing. Although admitting that she had used it in the past, this anonymous hates when women do it.

“I hate girls who manipulate coworkers with their sexuality, but I have to admit: I’ve done it too. I’ve definitely worked the strategy of being ‘really friendly with my bosses’ to get ahead, but when you have (lecherous) male bosses (who you know check you out), there’s a fine line between ‘friendly’ and ‘flirty’,” said anonymous.

Women are obviously divided on the subject. What about you?

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