The First Rule Of Belizean Grove: Is You Don’t Talk About Belizean Grove

Modeled after one of the most exclusive “old boys’ clubs,” in the country, comes Belizean Grove. Although sharing in its male counterparts’ hush-hush mentality, unlike the 139 year old Bohemian Grove, Belizean has only been in existence for 12 years. Until recently, the exclusive club was relatively unknown – just how they like it.

While Bohemian Grove boasted Dwight Eisenhower, Jimmy Carter, Richard Nixon and both Bush presidents among their membership, it was the appointment of Supreme Court justice, Sonia Sotomayor in 2009 that brought unwanted recognition to the group of roughly 125 members. Other members of Belizean Grove are some of the wealthiest and influential women from companies such as: Proctor & Gamble, Nasdaq, Nordstrom and REI.

Although sketchy on details of their members and the when and where of their meetings, the “Grovers,” as their known, have created a secret society of women who are at the absolute pinnacle in their fields. Together the group has gone far above just regular networking, and have made deals and investments in the multi-millionaire dollar range. The actual way members are chosen isn’t clear, but it is known that only one woman per company can join, and new members have “big sisters” – sounds like a regular Rush Week at Delta Zeta with the Mikimoto pearls to match.

The most admirable part of Bezilean Grove is their devotion to not only each other, but future generations of businesswomen. Their intense focus on mentoring has become “a model of a growing number of women’s business networks.” And based on recent surveys, that’s exactly what women are looking for in their group of professional peers.

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