The Watercooler: Well The World Didn’t End After All But Oprah Is Still Leaving Us

No one wants to draw a blank when the boss starts talking about what is happening in the world . Have no fear,  The Watercooler is here to give you just enough information on world events to make you seem like you are a woman in the know.

The apocalypse passed and didn’t make much of a dent (that volcano in Iceland has calmed down a bit) but there were was one major natural catastrophe this week you should know about. One of the strongest tornadoes in U.S. history ravaged Joplin, Missouri on late Sunday. In other news, the Obamas met up with Will and Kate at Buckingham Palace and NATO had its biggest air strike on Libya to date. And in case you live under a rock 400 miles below ground and can’t hear, see or smell, the final episodes of Oprah’s show on ABC are airing this week.

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