Make It Work For Work: Sequins

Make It Work For Work is a weekly fashion column that will take one clothing item and show you all the different ways that you can wear it in a work setting. We will also provide links to the stores where the items are available.

When most people think of sequins images that come to mind might include Glinda in The Wizard of Oz, Tinkerbell, jazz hands and, well, the 80′s in general. But in the last few years sequins have become an integral part of fashion. Designers, notably J.Crew, have figured out how to incorporate sequins into ensembles without making a woman look like Liza Minelli or like she is attending a Christmas party (and by the way, you should feel free to wear sequins up the wahzoo during the holidays). And now you can even wear sequins to work. The secret is to wear them in moderation. Your goal should always be to not look like a night club singer when going to work, but this doesn’t mean you can’t bring a little sparkle to the office.

Here are three looks that embrace sequins.

Look 1

Select a shirt with either sparse placement of sparkles or sparkle stripes as to not overwhelm your look. You can also do a cardigan with sequins but then you need a very plain shirt underneath. Also wear simple pants, black would probably look best. I would say stay away from skirts if you are wearing a sequined top because the look can quickly evolve into a club outfit. And I’m talking nightclub not country club. (For links to the clothing click here)

Look 1: Sequins for work


Look 2

Sequin skirts can look great but then you need to go for a very conservative top. I would also be careful in your selection of a skirt. I say when in doubt just say AGJC (Always Go J.Crew). A sequin skirt looks great with a crisp white blouse and a dark sweater to contrast it and then with neutral-colored or black flats. (For links to the clothing click here)

Look 2: Sequins for work

Look 3

This is for a more casual office and works well for summer. Pair a light sequin top with skinny cargo pants. It is a great contrasting look and then top it off with a black or white blazer. Dress it up with black heels or simple flats. (For links to the clothing click here)

Look 3: Sequins for work


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