Entrepreneur Dasha Zhukova Is Launching A Magazine Because She Can

Russian philanthropist, entrepreneur and art guru Dasha Zhukova recently confirmed that she would be launching a new art magazine this fall called Garage. Zhukova, who resigned from her post as chief editor of POP, the fashion magazine, last fall after less than two years, has decided to give the editorial world a second try with this venture. She said it will be targeted towards women with its very strong fashion angle. Zhukova has already hired former Vogue Paris editor Joan Juliet Buck as a consultant.

She has been involved in a number of other fashion-related projects as well. In 2006, she co-founded the fashion label Kova & T with her friend Christina Tang. She still maintains a role in the creative direction of the company, which recently announced a collaboration with Urban Outfitters.

However, Zhukova is desperate to make an impact in the art world. She will soon be launching a 19-acre “art island” in Saint Petersburg in the next few months. If her “art island” succeeds, it could make a major impact according to the Wall Street Journal Magazine’s Edward Helmore. In the latest issue he even asks if she could be the next face of contemporary art. ”I actually love physics, but art is where I thought I could make a difference for my country,”Zhukova said in the interview.

Zhukova’s partner is billionaire businessmen Roman Abramovich and she is the daughter of Alexander Radkin Zhukov, a Russian oligarch.

“I’ll set projects up and hand them over,” Zhukova said. “I’m a delegator and I find that quite easy. I feel I do it intuitively. But I have to trust that the people I work with are going to make decisions I approve of.”

Well launching a magazine about fashion and art instead of physics is a good first decision.

Photo: luxedb.com

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