Arianna Huffington Wants You To Sleep Your Way To The Top — It Worked For Her

Finally someone has given me permission to do what I’ve always wanted to do: sleep my way to the top. And not just anyone, but one of my beloved role models, Arianna Huffington.

I actually have a more controversial view, which is women should sleep their way to the top. Let me explain what I mean by that. What I mean by that – I mean literally sleep. I think women need to redefine success. We need to stop feeling that success is driving ourselves into the ground, working around the clock, never having time for yourself, never having any balance in your life and having a heart attack in your 50s.


Well, I can get behind this idea, too. I wasn’t too keen on the notion of waking up and seeing my male boss’ suit crumpled up on my bedroom. I’m also greedy about my bed and prefer not to share it.

Huffington goes on to explain how essential it is to recharge, take care of our healthy, and be there for your family in order to be “more effective, more creative, more productive. It’s the exact opposite of the main way we’ve done things and look where it’s gotten us.”

No wonder Huffington looks so hot for being 60 years old. I plan to do a lot of sleeping going forward. It’s going to be tough, but I think I’ll manage.

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