Is It Ethical For A Boss To Sell The Intimate Letters Of A Former Employee?

As we linked to on Friday, Margaret Hodge, the boss of Princess Diana is about to sell the private letters of her former employee. Sadly, not only was Hodge Diana’s boss, but she was also supposedly a dear friend.

Diana worked for Hodge in the late 1970′s at London’s Young England Kindergarten shortly before her marriage to Prince Charles. The 13 handwritten letters cover the years of 1981 to 1992 and are candid accounts of the early years of her relationship with Charles as well as her feelings on the birth of her first son, William.

In them, Diana details the romantic nature of her honeymoon and lovingly refers to her husband as her “other half.” In regards to William’s birth she wrote: ”looking strangely besotted at this small package making strange gaga noises.”

While Hodge claims that she is reluctant to sell the items but has to do so in order to be financially comfortable in her old age, I couldn’t help but consider the ethical end of it. It seems like the true definition of betrayal.

Princess Diana has been gone for less than 15 years. Her death was a tragic end to a life that, on many levels, had been a struggle. Although despite her own personal up and downs, and battles with heartache, eating disorders and incessant rumors, Diana was a true humanitarian who was known for endless efforts in several charitable causes. She was an inspiration to not only England, but to the world.

Part of me understands the curiosity of the public to see what is in those letters, but another part of me finds it to be a violation of trust. As of yet, neither one of Diana’s sons has announced their feelings on the sale of their mother’s private thoughts. Ideally, it would be nice to see her family buy them and tuck them away as a family memory.

The letters will be sold in Colchester, England on June 21st for what’s expected to be more than $30,000.

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