If You Want To Be An Entrepreneur Here Are The 6 Skills You’ll Need

Alex Hirschfeld founded Paperless Post with her brother, James. The idea was to create a formal digital invitation. While Facebook and Evite might be OK for informal parties, for your wedding it should be something different. “It’s the sign of a paradigm because it is the most momentous occasion in most people’s lives. It represents the most formal type of offline communication,” says Hirschfeld.

Launching in 2009, Paperless Post has solidified itself as a go-to site for many people planning their wedding or other special events. Hirschfeld is a true entrepreneur. To follow in her steps and procure yourself in the world entrepreneurship, Michael Schutzler, author of Inspiring Excellence: A Path to Exceptional Leadership suggests the following 6 skills to get your business up off the ground and running toward success.

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