Study: Feeling Stuck In Your Job? You’re One Of 28 Million Who Feel The Same Way

A recent study showed that 28 million Americans feel stuck in their jobs. And of that 28 million, most say that if it weren’t for The Great Recession they would have quit.

In the years prior to the recession, people who were miserable in their jobs, up and left. However, the study also showed that since “January 2009 an average 1 million fewer Americans per month have quit their jobs than in previous years.” Let’s face it, in this economy a paycheck is a paycheck, and sometimes financial stability has to outweigh mental and emotional health.

Many lives have been put on hold while we’ve tried to weather through this economy that has been very slow in its recovery process. Although 28 million claim to be disenchanted and eager for an escape, a March study showed that there are 2 million “open” jobs out there; and yet the current unemployment rate still stands at 9.1%. It doesn’t seem to make sense when you look at the numbers.

According to Businessweek, it’s younger Americans who are bearing the “greatest burden of the stagnant job market.” Which might be an issue for Obama’s re-election in 2012, as they were the ones who offered the most support and faith in the president’s campaign.

But really, where do we place the blame? On the sticky situations that Wall Street got us into, or do we pin it on the Obama administration? Either way, unemployment rates remain high, millions want out of their jobs, and those open positions can’t be filled because education and skills aren’t matching up. It’s a distressing state of affairs to say the least.

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    • lisa

      whoops. last month i up and quit my job because i could not take it anymore. i took the job because had been laid off from a good job i loved and ended up with an abusive boss making zero money and working my ass off. i held on for as long as i could.

    • Amanda Chatel

      Then good for you Lisa… I too once quit a job with an abuse boss. I walked out the door and just kept walking. One of the greatest decisions of my life.