Web-Based Female Entrepreneurs Are Each Other’s Biggest Fans

The web is where it’s at – no one can deny that anymore. And with more and more businesses becoming primarily online, a large percentage of them happen to be women-owned.

Internet Week brought out 50 women in technology for a Calliope Group networking breakfast. Mostly women in their 20′s and 30′s, each one had launched online companies and were there to share tips both on business and philanthropy with their female peers in their industry.

The breakfast brought out such women as Alex Hirschfeld, co-founder of Paperless Post, Laurel Touby who started Mediabistro (and sold it for $23 million in 2007), among many others.

As female CEOs, founders and business owners, the women have become each other’s “strategic advisers.” They’re there to motivate, support and help each other expand professionally. And this trend of networking isn’t just here in New York, it’s everywhere as more female entrepreneurs make a name for themselves as staples and successes in the industry. It’s the bond of sisterhood, is what it is.

With the profiles of these women and their businesses becoming more well known, procuring investors and venture capitalists is starting to be an easy task. Those with money want to “sniff out new talent and source their next big deal.” And the next big deal can be found in these women, and the best part is that for investors, gender doesn’t seem to be an issue.

Amanda Reed, a partner at Palomar Ventures says:

“My partners, co-investors and LPs are almost all men. My investments in women entrepreneurs are not done as favors. They’re done with men’s support and participation. I may be using my connections, but we all make money.”

According to a 2010 study, women spend 30% more time on social networking than men, and are responsible for 61% of U.S. online purchases. And since women know what other women want, female entrepreneurs are able to hone in and direct their services and products at their base demographic – the same demographic that’s spending all that money online.

Female entrepreneurs is a trend worth watching. As I stood in a room of them last night, they really do have each other’s back, and the support system they have built around their businesses and passions was almost tangible. There was no race to get to the finish line first, or competition to outdo someone else. There was an equality, and a shared respect and admiration for the goals and dreams in which every woman was pursing.

Says Hirschfeld:

“These women are serious, sharp business people, but most are not powerhouse developers or designers. But tech is now layered on top of all businesses. You need to learn the language enough to do your job, but not enough to do developers’ jobs.”

These women truly are a force, and when all is said and done they will have made their mark on the web-based community of companies. Their imprint is inevitable and the way of doing business will never be the same.

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