Republicans Are More Likely To Vote For A Woman Than A Mormon

Sorry, Mitt Romney, looks like if it were between you and Sarah Palin, she’d have a better chance of winning when it comes to Republicans casting their vote. Don’t be sad! It’s just because you’re Mormon is all.

A Gallup poll shows that Democrats are less likely than Republicans to vote for a candidate because they’re Mormon. Shocking news, because when I last checked, Democrats had wide arms for loving and accepting all people. All people except Mormons, it seems. But don’t cry, Mitt, Republicans would still rather vote for you over a homosexual or an atheist.


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    • Eileen

      Some Democrats have “wide arms for loving and accepting all people.” Many (maybe even most) don’t. Which isn’t necessarily a bad thing – some people are unacceptable. I don’t think Mormons fit in that category, though.

      Gotta say, in this case, the only people I like are the “no opinions.”

    • Amanda Chatel

      Good point, Eileen. Most probably don’t have those wide arms for loving and accepting…