Your Work Commute May Cause Your Divorce

According to a new study your tough work commute may be contributing to the downfall of your marriage. The impact of a bad commute is especially risky for new marriages. The risk of divorce is 40% higher for newly weds if one spouse has to travel to work.

Researchers from Umea University in Sweden looked at two million Swedish households between 1995 and 2000 and found that a 45-minute commute could really make an impact on marriages.

According to the authors of the study, a longer commute for work, which the study found that men tend to do more, breeds conflict because it encourages gender stereotypes. If the woman is at home before the husband she may feel like she should be cleaning and cooking more which makes her feel trapped. The man gets home and is tired from his commute so he may feel like he shouldn’t have to do as many chore-like activities which will ultimately cause strife.

If both partners in the marriage have an annoyingly long commute then that may help reduce the friction if one spouse is never there. So if you don’t want to get divorced you and your partner just need to get jobs with terribly,  long commutes. Great.

Do you think this is true? What was your worst commute?

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