Study: Generation X Women Put Their Careers Before Having Children

According to a new survey conducted by the Center for Work-Life Policy, 43% of university-educated women born between 1965 and 1978 do not have children. The study pointed out, though, that most of the woman in this childless group were in long-term relationships and lived with their partners.

The authors of the study believe its results could be due to the fact that the women of Generation X are the first generation to not have the same kind of pressure put on them to start families as previous ones.  Lauren Leader-Chivee, who executed the study, said women in Generation X had mothers who were inspired by the feminist revolution and encouraged their daughters to aim high. According to the Center for Work-Life Policy, 74% of Generation X women consider themselves ambitious, compared with 65% of baby boomers and 46% of Generation X women are more likely to earn more than their husbands than baby boomers.

Many of the women surveyed felt that establishing their career  in those typical child-bearing years was more important than focusing on building a family. This is in stark contrast to the baby boomer generation. According to statistics Center for Work-Life Policy, 10% of 45-year-old women were childless in 1990 while but in 2009 this figure rose to 20%. The Daily Mail said the results of the study may have been due to women having “too much choice”, but is it a bad thing to have too much choice and be expected to follow one path? If a woman chooses to climb up the career ladder and not start raising a family, should she have to justify her choice?

The emergence of Generation X women apparently comes from research from pregnancy test company saying 29 was the ideal age for women to start a family.
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