The Olsen Twins Continue To Prove They Are Savvy Businesswomen With Their New E-Commerce Site

In addition to being the marketing masterminds behind fashion lines Elizabeth & James, Olsenboye and The Row and being the CEOs of their holding company Dualstar (which has annual sales of $1 billion), the Olsen twins have now moved into the world of E-commerce with their new site Stylemint. I can also personally thank them for an entire year of pictures of me in college sporting vintage t-shirts, stringy hair, 16 necklaces and giant sunglasses.

According to our friends at The Frisky, Stylemint uses a similar model to its sister site Jewelmint (run by Kate Bosworth and Cher Coulter) but as you can guess, this one is for clothes, specifically t-shirts. Believe it or not, a lot of people actually buy The Row’s $290 t-shirts (the line has sales of $10 to $12 million annually) so why not make their designs available to a wider audience? But don’t worry, these shirts are quite a bit cheaper at $29.99. Members will sign up for Stylemint and then with the more they buy items, the more personal style recommendations they will get. The registration process includes a style quiz, meant to help the customer choose styles and clothing that is right for them. Mary-Kate and Ashley will also be creating videos for the site.

Though there was some doubt surrounding these girls when they declared they really wanted to be clothing designers, they have so far proven everyone wrong. Their fashion lines have survived, expanded and flourished unlike a handful of other celebrity designers including Sarah Jessica Parker, Eva Longoria and Jennifer Lopez. They attribute their success to their devoted involvement in the entire garment process. In April the women, who turned 25 last week, were declared fashion moguls by Newsweek in a big cover story.

“Running a fashion company, it’s just as important to understand numbers as it is to have a design point of view,” Mary-Kate told Newsweek back in April.

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    • KittenJuggler

      That’s right. They are hot, barely legal, had a TV show in the 80′s and sell stuff on the basis of that. They are geniuses.