Lindsay Lohan Actually Dressed Like A Real Businesswoman Today But Here Are Her Worst Court Looks

History was made today. Lindsay Lohan finally dressed like a grown-up woman going to a court appearance today after probably stopping by a court house at least every few months for the last few years. Perhaps Lindsay didn’t want to believe that she was actually going to court and not a pool party at Nicole Richie’s house so she convinced herself it was fine to wear a white mini-dress. Or maybe she took the artist defense which pretty much allows actors to wear whatever they want at any time because they are so consumed with their art (I’m talking to you Frances McDormand and your jean jacket at the Tonys.) You should respect the Tony’s and the court no matter who you are.

But today Lindsay was dressed like a legitimate businesswoman with a blue striped button-down and black dress pants. She wore her hair back in a clean ponytail and carried a subtle black Chanel bag as well as simple black heels and black aviators. Yes, Gawker pointed out that you could see her bra (and she had an orange hue) but let’s give her a little credit. She is obviously going through some stuff. She has a come a long way if you look back at some of the outfits the Mean Girls star thought were court-appropriate. Let’s take a look.

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