Does Your Boss Email You On The Weekends? Here’s How To Stop The Madness

In May and June of this year, Right Management ran a poll asking people if their boss sent them work-related emails during the weekend, and if they did, were they expected to respond. Of the 569 responses, almost two thirds of workers said their bosses not only email them over the weekend, but expect a response, and only 37% answered a nice strong ‘never.’

While some jobs insist that you be on call at all hours, how should you handle one that doesn’t? What if your boss keeps on harassing you with this, that and the other thing?

Career coach, Robert Hellmann says if it’s a new job, you’d better answer immediately and do so for “at least the next six months.” But once you’ve established yourself as an asset and an employee with a strong work ethic, don’t you deserve those two days free of work-related drama?

Monika Morrow, Vice President of Right Management points out that weekends and down time are necessary for employees. Bosses who insist that employees constantly be available are liable to end up with “productivity loss.” In order for anyone to perform to the best of their ability, there must be a chance to rejuvenate.

However, if you have a boss who just won’t give you a break, Hellman says one way to cope is to wait several hours before responding. Waiting “can take down pressure,” he says. He also suggests asking colleagues and find out if they respond right away, or if they too, wait.

But let’s say you have a boss who really just refuses to let you be despite the fact that time and time again, you’ve both agreed that weekend time is your time. Well we have some tips as to how to get around the whole answering their email thing.

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    • former.reader

      This is a stupid article. I’m sorry, but it had to be said.

      I got really excited when The Grindstone started up — I was a fan of “Bullish” on The Gloss and I was looking forward to a blog about working that (a) had a sense of humor and (b) acknowledged that not everyone works in finance. And while I get throwing a few jokes in there, this slideshow was worthless.

    • Amanda Chatel

      Thanks so much for your feedback! It’s so nice to hear from readers, and former readers!

      Although I’d like to point out that we like to keep a balance of light and serious topics, it’s too bad that you found this “stupid” and “worthless.” Rather harsh, but okay. Have a great weekend!