Office Confessions: I Wear My Headphones To Avoid Talking To My Coworkers

I’m lucky enough that I work in an office where we can wear headphones and listen to our own music. And based on the few chats I’ve had with my coworkers regarding their tastes in bands… well, thank fucking god!

If these ladies aren’t listening to Top 40 nonsense, they’re listening to showtunes, and on some occasions, even singing along. You want to know who falls asleep singing songs from South Pacific to herself and softly weeping about this fact? Me. And I hate it.

While I’m usually pretty good about remembering my iPod in the morning, there are some mornings in which even remembering to get out of bed is difficult enough, let alone showering and successfully placing my iPod in my bag. I used to sit there and suck up the noise around me, but then I had an amazing idea: wear my headphones anyway.

I have a pair of heavy duty, noise canceling headphones that I keep in the office so when I do remember my music, I can get completely lost in it while writing. Because of the noise canceling factor, I’ve realized I can wear them all day even without my music and get lost in the voices in my head – and there are plenty.

It’s also a good way to avoid chatting with my coworkers about the weather and Greek yogurt. However, I sometimes forget to plug them into my computer which does make for a mildly awkward situation when I’m bopping my head (to nothing, mind you) and the end of my headphones is just hanging out on my desktop for all to see. I really need to work on that. But in the meantime, I’ll continue to wear these bad boys just so I can block out the office around me… and all those showtunes. I almost have all of Chicago memorized, too.


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    • sarah

      yes! i totally do this… not just in the office but on public transportation too :)

    • Lindsay Cross

      You’ll listen to me belt out Les Mis… and you’ll like it, Amanda Chatel!

      • Jennifer Wright

        Lindsay, I’m all alone, pretending you’re beside me.

      • Lindsay Cross

        Wishing you were somehow here again…. shit, wrong musical.

    • Amanda Chatel

      Don’t eff with me, Cross! (and I already have that whole musical memorized thanks to my dad).

      • Meghan

        Don’t worry Amanda. We can move our conversation over to this comment section if it helps you concentrate. :)

    • Amanda Chatel

      The headphones are pointless when every comment I get from you darlings pops up in my email, makes my phone buzz and so on… dislike, ladies, dislike!

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