Drew Barrymore Continues To Build Her Directing And Producing Career

Drew Barrymore is continuing to push herself as a director and producer by adding new project challenges to her plate. She has just signed on to produce and direct the screen adaptation of the young adult novel Heist Society by Ally Carter. This follows her 2009 debut as a director with the modestly successful Whip It. According to The Hollywood Reporter she will also be directing the film How to be Single. It will follow in the style of multi-story and huge ensemble films like He’s Just Not That Into You (which Drew also produced) and Valentine’s Day.  How to be Single will be a production of Flower Films, her film company  with partner, Nancy Juvonen.

Drew will be working with the writer of Whip It, Shauna Cross, for Heist Society as well. According to thefilmstage.com, the plot of the movie “follows a young woman named Katarina Bishop who hails from an extended family of cat burglars and master thieves. She gets away from that life, but her father becomes the prime suspect in a case involving a mobster’s art collection, so she assembles a crew to track down the art and steal it back.” Though this sounds a bit more violent and action-packed than Whip It, this film also centers around a young woman running away from the life that surrounds her.

As a Huffington Post writer pointed out “When you’re 36-years old and you’ve been acting since eating solid food was the biggest thrill the rest of your peers were experiencing, finding a second career wind is generally a good idea”. And Drew has embraced her second career with passion and a lot of effort. Drew started her production company, Flower Films in 1995 with Juvonen and has produced a number of successful films including Donnie Darko and Never Been Kissed in addition to He’s Just Not That Into You. In a 2009 interview about Whip It with Baltimore City Paper Drew said “I started a company when I was 19, and this is the tenth film we’ve produced, so I feel that I’ve been very prolific. And I also didn’t want to step into the position of director before I knew as much as I possibly could about the process of filmmaking. I think you have to understand and know every single aspect and detail, otherwise you’re going to go in and be over your head and indecisive, or let other people dictate your vision. And those are things I wasn’t willing to do.”

Drew also will put back on her producer hat this fall for the television reboot of Charlie’s Angels on ABC. She starred in and produced the film franchise based on the series between 2000 and 2003.

Drew said in the 2009 interview “I just want to do great work, and I love directing and that’s something I want to continue to do. And when I become an old bag with my tits down at my ankles it’ll be great to be behind the camera.”

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