Jennifer Aniston Is Taking A Year Off From Work

Jennifer Aniston decided she needs to take a break from giving the world gems of films such as The Bounty Hunter, Just Go With It and The Switch and take a year off to concentrate on just being Jen (this may include spending lots of time with her new man Justin Theroux).  A source said she is  “taking a year off from work to enjoy herself.” As Gawker pointed out, this could give Jen plenty of time to go all Eat,Pray, Love on us and go find herself in Bali. Or was it India that she found herself in? She only cared about eating in Italy. I know that.

However, hopefully Jen won’t spend the entire year sitting on a beach somewhere admiring her perfect hair. Heather Wieshlow, chief career strategist and founder of Turning Point Coaching and Consulting, said you also need to be working on a project when you have time between jobs. Jennifer is totally on top of this apparently. The former Friends star is working on The Goree Girls, her production company’s project about singers in a women’s prison.

But you can still see Jennifer on the big screen  in Horrible Bosses, which opens this Friday.

Photo: Splash News

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