Question: Do You Have A Work Husband?

I don’t. This is what I call an unfair situation. I tried to procure a work wife since I only work with women, but that wasn’t happening either. Why must my coworkers run from me?

I guess I’m the last to know about this work husband role. Apparently he’s the male coworker who has your back, entertains you and buy you treats from the vending meeting. He knows your professional and personal life like the back of his hand, and comes with all the conveniences of an actual husband sans the sex part. Although admit it, you’ve probably thought about it.

Your work husband is like Jim was to Pam before the relationship got started. And all this time I thought it was an unrequited crush.

HuffPostWomen is asking readers to Tweet about their work husband as they begin their “in-depth study of this special breed of colleague.” I would like to participate, but as stated above, I don’t have a work husband or a real one, or even an imaginary one of which to speak. Again, unfair.

So do you have one? Does he look like Jim? Do you have one you could ship here for me? Let me know. I’ll be waiting patiently, like a hungry lion waiting to pounce out of the tall grass of the jungle… or something.

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    • Lurkeress

      I’m an independent contractor and most of my contracts are last six weeks to three months. Because of the intense nature of the work, I find I usually have a work husband on every job. When you work 12 hours a day, six days a week, it becomes kind of vital to have that sort of relationship with one of your colleagues.

      He doesn’t look like Jim but I do tend to pick men I’m attracted to for the role of work husband. It’s like having a high school crush – makes it easier to haul your carcass out of bed in the mornings.