How To Stop Possible Budding Charlie Sheens In Your Office

We all watched in awe and horror as the whole Charlie Sheen debacle unfolded before our eyes. And when during an interview he said “Yeah, I’m on a drug. It’s called Charlie Sheen!” there seemed to be a collective gasp by the audience. As his spiral into madness played out in public with terms like “winning” and “tiger blood” being forever secured in pop culture, and his record number of Twitter followers in just 24 hours, it was clear that society really does like to watch the insanity of others, if only to prove they’re not as crazy.

But what if you worked with a Charlie Sheen type personality? Such madness is not particularly restricted to just celebrities, although the attention factor by the incessant publicity does probably fuel the fire for even further bizarre antics so people keep coming back for more.

The point is, according to Forbes’ Cy Wakeman, Charlie Sheens can be prevented if you recognize the signs early – ie. declaring themselves a drug. In prevention you can save yourself and others before you find yourself in a major lawsuit and being called a “turd.”

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