Meryl Streep Is The Only Actress Who Could Play A Leader Like Margaret Thatcher

Somehow this slipped under my radar but Meryl Streep will be playing former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher in the upcoming biopic The Iron Lady. The teaser trailer for the film has been released and all I can say is never has a lady in pearls and a hat seemed so powerful. It will come out this December, giving Meryl just enough time to be in the running to win her third Oscar and umpteenth nomination.

In all seriousness though I don’t think there is another actress out there who could take on this very important female figure. During Thatcher’s 11 years in office (1979-1990) she “reshaped almost every aspect of British politics, reviving the economy, reforming outdated institutions, and reinvigorating the nation’s foreign policy. She challenged and did much to overturn the psychology of decline which had become rooted in Britain since the Second World War, pursuing national recovery with striking energy and determination.”

If there is anyone who can take on Thatcher it is the chameleon that is two-time Oscar winner Meryl Streep. She has played a Holocaust survivor, an angry ex-wife, a dying mother, a writer, a nun, a rabbi, a Prada-wearing boss, a politician, the ex-wife of Alec Baldwin (possibly her most challenging role), a beloved chef and now the “Iron Lady”.

The film is directed by Meryl’s Mamma Mia! director Phyllida Lloyd and co-stars Jim Broadbent, Roger Allam, Nicholas Farrell, Anthony Head, Richard E. Grant, Olivia Colman and Alexandra Roach.

The trailer has already got me wanting more as it is very smartly set up so we don’t know exactly who these two men are talking to as they instruct someone on leadership. They tell her her voice is too high and suggest that removing her hat and pearls will help her to convey a stronger image. The camera then cuts to Meryl as Thatcher to which she replies “The pearls, however, are absolutely non-negotiable!”

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