Management Lessons From TV: What We Can Learn From ‘Sex and the City’s’ Samantha Jones

Management Lessons is a weekly column that will highlight strategy tips from your favorite career women on television.

Where would the world be today without Samantha Jones? Played by the courageous Kim Cattrall Samantha taught us that it is okay for women to love sex, have it all the time and talk about it all the time. She was proud of the fact that she had no desire to get married or have children and this was very refreshing for women viewers to see. Samantha was also a strong business woman who founded and ran her own public relations firm and from what we have seen on the show and in the movies, she kicked ass at her career. Here are some of the lessons we can learn from Samantha Jones.

1) Think like a man: The character of Samantha Jones is often compared to a man due to her vociferous appetite when it comes to sex. She likes to have it a lot with a lot of different people. She deemed herself try-sexual at one point (“I’ll try anything once”)  and I think we can safely say, that she did do this over the course of the series and in the two films. Samantha also had this man’s attitude when it came to business. She didn’t take no for an answer and she made sure she always had the upper hand when it came to different business situations.  “I will wear whatever and blow whomever I want as long as I can breathe and kneel,” she said. You should take the same attitude in your career. But instead of giving out blow jobs whenever you want you should take this as you can achieve anything in my career as long as you have the skills, whether they be being good with numbers or performing acts of fellatio.

2) Always be networking: Out of all the characters on the show Samantha showed the best networking skills. Now this was probably because she mixed just the right amount of flirting with business, but she always made sure to give her card out at parties and bars (I doubt Carrie even had a card). Usually she ended up sleeping with whomever she gave her card to but often it was just for pure networking like on the episode “I Love A Charade” where she reminded Bitsy von Muffling she had planned one of her parties. She landed herself a wedding invite in the Hamptons with that one!

3) Don’t be threatened by your younger assistant: Women are always being told they have to be on top of their game not only because they are competing with men but because younger women want their jobs. Now Samantha is hardly ever intimidated by anybody (I believe she has said that multiple times) but after she fired her ditzy, young assistant at the end of Season 2 (the one where Carrie finds out Big is dating Natasha) she did start to get upset when this younger woman landed a huge party in the Hamptons. However, when Samantha arrived at the party she saw that it was not going as well as she thought it would and that only she could help because of her years of experience.

4) Be careful about starting a relationship with your client: Now most people frown upon having a relationship at work, especially with a client, but this was the first time Samantha had ever really cared about a man so we’re going to let it slide. However, because she was basically in charge of his life she knew too much about him too fast which made her anxious and put strain on the relationship right away.

5) If you are going to give a blow job to the Fed Ex guy then try not to do it when your friend is stopping by: There are two lessons from this one. First of all, maybe don’t perform oral sex acts on members of the postal service in the middle of your busy office (invite him back to your home for later that night) and also don’t mix your personal life with your professional one. Though the situation ended up okay, when Samantha helped Carrie with her book cover it put strain on the relationship. Mostly because this was the season where Carrie decided she was now prim and proper (even though she once made out in a coat closet at a political fundraiser and often walked around in outfits that would give Lady Gaga a run for her money). Suddenly Carrie didn’t know if she wanted Samantha’s sexually promiscuous attitude helping to come up with her image.

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    • Geraldine

      god I hated how prim Carrie became! She was eventually the most boring character ever. Even Charlotte was more fun/raunchy. That line when she refuses to tell the how often her and Big “colour” but that it’s safe to say “that when big colours he always goes outside the lines”… UGGGHH.

    • Anna

      I think Samantha was just plain impulsive and just thought with her genitals most of the time.

    • sarah

      I loved samantha she was bold, fresh and new something different that women needed to see1

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