Some Workers Would Rather Give Up Sex Than Do A PowerPoint Presentation

A recent survey found that 25% of workers would rather give up sex than sit through or give a PowerPoint presentation.

The survey was conducted by SlideRocket and was asked of 1000 adults. So if we do the math, 250 would prefer to forgo the nooky than deal with PowerPoint presentations – 250.

But what’s so bad about PowerPoint?

Well, it’s boring. Presentations usually consist of bad clip-art that accompany facts and figures as a means to spice up the topic and make people pay attention. If you want to put someone to sleep in 5 minutes flat, subject them to the PowerPoint presentation that you spent the last 2 days perfecting.

And while one can, with weeks on their side, perhaps create an aesthetically appealing PowerPoint presentation, it’s still pretty boring. I’m sorry. I admit I’m not speaking for everyone, but I’m pretty sure I have more on my side than on the other side.

The survey also found that 30% “dread creating the presentations, while 29% dread sitting through them.” May I suggest some vodka in your coffee to spice them up? No. That would be unprofessional, and drinking problems, at least before noon on a Tuesday, are inappropriate.

Of the surveyed, 18% said they’d rather be at the dentist or work on a Saturday if it meant not having to sit through a presentation feigning “oohs” and “ahhs” as each slide goes by and by and by and by…

And the smarties of the group, 30%, admitted to being put to sleep thanks to a PowerPoint presentation and the same percentage said they had sneaked out at least once during presentations to, well, get some air or something.

But despite this, PowerPoint presentations will continue to be the bane of many existences the world over. Perhaps, we can join forces and stage a walk out the next time we’re confronted with them? Or at least organize a well-conceived boycott?  Thoughts?

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