10 Summer Books About Women In Fashion You’ll Want To Read

I wanted to move to New York City and work in fashion. I had a small handbag business when I arrived and sold bags in a few stores in Boston, Brooklyn and Boulder. Then when I actually started working in the fashion world full time, I lost interest because it was too cut-throat for my New England blood. Instead, I decided to follow my number one love: writing. But truth be told, I’m still fairly obsessed with fashion and set aside Saturday mornings to pore over my Vogue. I also have a collect of them from as far back as the 1920′s.

Since there is a deep appreciation there, I was excited to see that Hannah Elliott was kind enough to put together a list of “10 Essential Books for the Fashion Set.” The list is of women in fashion who made their mark, inspired generations and pretty much set the foundation for the designers we see in the pages of Vogue today. And since Anna Wintour is supposedly, perhaps, no confirmation yet writing a memoir, this topic is relevant at the moment.

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