Can We Say Multi-Task? Ivanka Trump And Wendi Murdoch Collaborated On Jewelry Design

Two women who have quite a bit going on in their personal lives right now, Wendi Murdoch and Ivanka Trump,  managed to collaborate on a new jewelry piece inspired by Murdoch’s new film, Snow Flower and the Secret Fan. Of course, they designed the jewelry before the film’s release, but it is interesting that the film’s opening coordinates with the week that Murdoch’s husband Rupert is seeing his company, News Corp get slammed day after day by an escalating scandal. Oh, plus Ivanka had a baby yesterday.

The film which tells the story of two best friends through parallel stories, one set in contemporary Shanghai and the other taking place in 19th century Hunan province in central China, inspired Trump and Murdoch to create a piece that symbolized the themes of friendship and sisterhood. “I was griped by the journey of Snow Flower and Lily from inception,” Trump said of her inspiration. “Wendi and I wanted to design a piece of jewelry that embodied the eternal bond between the two best friends.” The result was this art deco fan design, accented by diamonds and set in 18-karat white gold. Each bracelet, available in black resin with white diamonds or white pearl resin with black diamonds, is hand engraved with the Chinese character for friendship on the inside of the cuff. The pieces are available for $650 at Ivanka Trump Fine Jewelry boutiques.

Though the film is getting mixed reviews Murdoch’s producing debut has been overshadowed by the release of the last Harry Potter film as well as her husband’s company being at the center of arguably the biggest media scandal ever.



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