Open Letter To Socialite Marisa Noel Brown

Dear Ms. Brown -

I know who you are. I know you’re the daughter of  Fairfield Greenwich founder Walter Noel, the man who is regarded as the biggest loser in the world’s largest Ponzi scheme losing an estimated $5.7 billion, but must you be just as sneaky as Daddy Noel? Ah, the apple doesn’t fall too far from the tree in this family.

In 2009 you, the “businesswoman” that you are, started Tre Labs jewelry company with two of your equally spoiled and rich socialite friends. Because that’s what I hear your circle does. It’s fun to have so much money and so many hours in the day to “play” grown up, isn’t it? I like to play grown up, too, with $500 bills of Monopoly money on Saturdays. Although the Marc Jacobs store on Bleecker refuses to accept it.

However, now you’re being sued. Oh no! One of your Tre Labs partners is being accused of waltzing on into your competitor’s Dinosaur Designs’ store in Nolita, purchasing some original items (please look up the meaning of ‘original’ the next time you’re near a dictionary), then “displaying copies at a trade show at the Javitz Center.” The nerve of Dinosaur Designs for suing such a respectable “businesswoman” such as yourself.

But hold the phones, seems Dinosaur has proof of your daring attempt at thievery. They have saved the paper proof of reciepts that leads directly back to your swindling partner. Not even MacGyver could finagle his way out of this predicament. I hope you have daddy’s lawyer on speed dial.

Perhaps, the next time you think about starting a company, you’ll either employ those with original artistic ability (have you looked up the meaning of ‘original’ yet?), or at the very least take a class in honing your own talent so you can create original products. I’m sure you can more than afford a class or two, or, and probably more realistically, be able to hire artists to do the labor for you. Just a suggestion.

What’s that saying? “The rich get richer and the poor get… babies?” I guess in this case, the rich get richer then get sued.



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    • bob

      she is such a stupid low life white trash dirtbag. what model humans they all are. her whole family should be in jail.

      they are all dirtbags

      thousands of people have lost their homes, jobs, wives, children, and even their lives, gven up to banks, to oil and to iraq and afghanistan so that people like her and her friends and family can go around peeking over real artists shoulders and copying work they have no idea how to do. I bet none of them have worked a single hour in their lives