Make It Work For Work: White Pants

Make It Work For Work is a weekly fashion column that will take one clothing item and show you all the different ways that you can wear it in a work setting.

White pants are so “I’m on a yacht in Ibiza with Diddy.” Most people don’t wear them to work because they don’t want to risk looking like they’re on vacation. You want to make your boss think you’re keeping your nose to The Grindstone. But what if you own some seriously cute white pants, and it’s just too hot for any other types of pants? How do you make them work for work? Easy: Everything else you wear has to be post-Labor Day appropriate. So no tie-dye, no summery prints, and no cutesy navy-themed stuff like anchors. You can do it!

Look 1: White and green make a mean team. The color combo is both summery and sophisticated, and the blouse works for work because it’s textured and not too lightweight (or see-through). Throw on a cute button-less cardigan if you’re cold, and add some pizzazz with dangly earrings and leopard-print flats. The black accents lend seriousness to an otherwise light and carefree outfit. Click here to see the clothing items.

















Look 2: Yes, you can even wear white jeans to the office, and yes, even if they’re low-rise and flared. Just add a conservative button-down blouse and throw on a cardigan for your overly air-conditioned office. I don’t like wearing button-down cardigans with button-down blouses because it feels like too much repetition (but maybe that’s just me), so I thought this draped one from Rebecca Taylor was the perfect solution. And just because you’re wearing white pants doesn’t mean you can’t add colorful accessories, like a bright-yellow bag. Just remember, primary colors are a safer bet since they tend to look more serious for the office. Add these office-ready sandals, and you’re ready to go. Click here to see the clothing items.
















Look 3: You may think that pink is too bright or too girly for work, but paired with these satin white pants, and some serious hardware (both on the bag and on the jewelry), it’s a major statement of confidence. The blouse takes these slouchy pants to the office, and works because it’s not too sheer or flimsy. The braided, gold accessories — headband and black leather bracelet — play up the glamor factor. The heels match the bag, which immediately makes any outfit oodles more professional. Click here to see the clothing items.



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