A Look At Our Picks For Martha Stewart’s Most Pivotal Career Moments

Martha Stewart turns 70-years-old next week but she celebrated this weekend so we thought we would too.  Though she has had some lows (well, really just the big one that put her in jail for five months) in her career the majority of it has been an amazing journey for the crafting  guru. Imagine if she had stuck to being a stock broker? Think of how much the home decorating and crafting industry would have suffered? Her net worth is estimated to be approximately $712 million with her media empire that includes a television show, a magazine, books, housewares and a Sirius Satellite Radio channel. Her former Wall Street boss Andy Monness once said of Martha, “she had a hunger to get into something where she could control all the elements.” Well, I think it is safe to say she did just that. Let’s take a look at the pivotal career moments that made Martha Stewart, Martha Stewart.

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