Martha Stewart Celebrated Her 70th Birthday At A Pit Stop

Martha Stewart celebrated the big 7-0 at a roadside Clam Bar in Amagansett according to our friends at Mogulite. First of all, we here at The Grindstone were amazed to find out that Martha is 70-years-old. She looks amazing! She probably uses some homemade age-defying soap.

Anyway, you would think the queen of crafts would have had a huge party with a life-size paper mache figure of herself and make-your-own  beeswax candle station, but alas it sounds like Martha wanted to be casual. According to Mogulite, “Stewart blew out the candles on a slice of key lime pie and then drove off (she in the driver’s seat) in a black Chevy Suburban. On August 3, Stewart turns…wait for it…70. Girl looks good. Our onlookers say the DIY goddess reveled in the joy of food cooked by someone else, and munched on a lobster roll and a piece of corn of the cob.”

Earlier this month Martha became a cartoon on the new AOL Kids web series, Martha and Friends. It “features an animated 10-year-old Martha as a problem-solving, craft-loving, generous spirit who, along with her three best friends and two dogs, Francesca and Sharkey, shows kids how easy it can be to do-it-themselves.”

According to Forbes, her net worth is estimated to be $638 million.

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