Hillary Clinton’s Pantsuits: Do You Agree With Tim Gunn?

I watch The Lopez Show about as often as I watched Glenn Beck‘s show:  whenever I’ve been kidnapped, tied to a chair and forced to do so. Because of this, I was a wee bit late to the party when it came to Tim Gunn‘s dissing of Secretary of State Hillary Clinton the other night.

It’s no secret that Clinton couldn’t possibly be any less concerned about fashion than she already is – the proof is in the pantsuit, as they say. First Vogue‘s queen bee, Anna Wintour described Clinton’s monotonous attire and fashion sense as “mannish,” now Gunn – who doesn’t care for Wintour much himself – has also decided to come forward to knock the Secretary of State.

When is the fashion world going to understand that she’s trying to help run the free world not win some sort of beauty contest? If she were, she’d definitely do something with her hair… and get a chin lift… and lose a good 50 pounds of so… and Botox might be a move in the right direction, too.

It was Lopez, who’s in no position to be making weight-related comments, who brought up Clinton’s “cankles,” but not before Gunn’s comment:

“I think she’s confused about her gender. All these big, baggy menswear tailored pantsuits. No, I’m really serious, she wears pantsuits that are unflattering.”


Despite the comment, I’m pretty sure Hillary isn’t at home crying her eyes out. She’s one of the most powerful women in the world, and has a great deal of stress and work on her plate that the rest of us can’t even begin to comprehend, so who the fuck cares what she’s wearing?

However, although I do think that her attire shouldn’t be up for debate because it is trivial, I do agree with Gunn on those damn pantsuits. Besides, dresses are so nice and airy in the summer. Something Hillary may want to consider.

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