Kate Moss To Write A Memoir? Maybe

The U.K.’s The Sun, broke the news this week that Kate Moss would be writing an autobiography. Ever since then blogs and news sites have been a buzz about it.

The fashion icon has had such a drama-filled, hectic and yet astonishing life so it’s no surprise that she would want to share her life stories with the public. She journeyed to the top of the fashion industry, fallen, only to rise again.

She’s helped to pioneer the heroin chic look into the modeling world (basically the starving, you can see every bone in the model’s body look). She’s a mother, business mogul, and not to mention one of the highest paid fashion models in the world. According to Forbes, she earned $14 million just over the last year, from signing deals with U.K.’s TopShop, Dior, Vogue Eyewear, YSL, and a whole lot more.

Her life couldn’t be more fabulous, but I’m sure that’s not why most people would be picking up her memoir. For the gossip loving public of our time, who constantly have their heads stuck in the latest celebrity stories from US and People Magazine — gossip, sex, and scandals are all they want to read about from celebrities. And Moss’ life has had more than enough of all of that to tell.

She’s been known formerly as the fashion industry’s “bad girl,” with her 2005 cocaine scandal, always aloof behavior, and a very messy split from her former rocker boyfriend Pete Doherty. A highly-publicized breakup that even lead to Moss changing the locks on every gate that allowed access to her home. She’s also dated a few more well-known famous ex-boyfriends from Johnny Deep, Dazed and Confused’s co-founder and editor Jefferson Hack; and now husband Jamie Hince, drummer of the band The Kills.

I think her book would be a pretty good plane ride or day at the beach read, or even a nice accessory for your chic coffee table. However, the only thing is that we’re not too sure about the likelihood of this autobiography from Moss actually happening. The Sun, of course, is no New York Times or even U.S. Weekly for that matter. It’s way more toward the National Enquirer side, and maybe even more controversial, too, often reporting stories completely wrong and falsifying information.

Trusting this source just doesn’t seem right. You can’t even find the article on The Sun’s website anymore. On top of that, Kate is not the most talkative person. She very rarely does interviews, hates addressing rumors and personal questions, and was once quoted as saying:

“It’s not me, it’s a character I’m made into. I have no idea why people are interested in me. I don’t like being famous. It encroaches on your life a lot. It makes me feel a bit uncomfortable talking about it, actually. But it’s something I’m learning to deal with.”

If she’s having a hard time seeing why people are interested, then I doubt she’d want to have an autobiography published in which she is the main character.

You never know though, maybe marriage has changed her and she’s ready to shout to the world about her new life, as well as the past stumbles she’s had a long the way.

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