I Want To Go To There: The Ice Cream Truck For Adults Only

A day doesn’t go by that I don’t hear the lovely, sweet music of an ice cream truck rolling on down the streets of this great city. Each time I do, I have to mentally prepare myself to stay away from the it – those babies are dangerous!

Although we do have an ice cream truck – a few actually – parked in the area of our office, I have never seen a single kid at them. No, these trucks have lines of business men and women looking to get their sweet tooth fix.

Now the Mars Chocolate company has taken this concept a few steps further. According to our friends at Mogulite, the company has created a “luxury, adult-only” ice cream truck.


The truck, that includes massage therapists and nail technicians in addition to ice cream, made its national debut in Chicago recently. So far, the business folk out there are eating it up. Literally.

Mars Chocolate’s General Manager Craig Hall said:

“Most of us have vivid memories of the ice cream truck… so we created a one-of-a-kind ice cream truck to help adults relive their childhood, but in a truly decadent, grownup way.”

Clearly Hall and his team of geniuses need a to be awarded the Nobel Prize for this phenomanel idea. The only glitch for those kids who might be skipping school is that the ice cream truck really enforces their adult-only concept – it will only stop for “everyone 18 and older.” No word yet on if they’ll be checking IDs or not.

Either way, if this adult ice cream truck is a hit, maybe they can open a branch out here. If the lines at our regular old ice cream trucks say anything, it’s that we love ice cream here in New York City. Throw in some massages and a quick manicure, then Mars will have thousands of very happy clients willing to take a break from their work day to indulge.

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