Poll: How Much Of Your Sex Life Do You Share With Your Coworkers?

Now let’s thank the ice cream truck for inspiring all the trucks of other goodies that have followed:  Thank you, ice cream truck!

This morning we wrote about the “adult-only” ice cream truck that provides not only ice cream, but massages and manicures as a way for business men and women to relax mid-day. Trojan has one upped the “adult-only” ice cream truck that’s barreling its way down the streets of Chicago by introducing the Trojan Vibrations Truck. And unlike that other ice cream truck this one is in New York.

So what did our office do at 2pm this afternoon? We took a field trip downstairs where the truck was waiting for us and got a quick lesson in vibrators and a few freebies, too. Friday was made for vibrators, after all. And Monday, Tuesday… and so on down the week.

As someone who has written quite candidly about her sex life for our sister site, The Gloss, I’ve never backed away from a discussion about sex. Nor has it ever crossed my mind that maybe these topics shouldn’t be discussed with coworkers. Especially the topic that no one wants to admit to: masturbation.

But today on Broadway, out in the open for all to hear and see, we had an open dialogue about such things all while passing around the Trojan vibrators so we could see the speeds and variety of pulses it offered. If 93% of women use vibrators and regard it as healthy, should it really be considered a no-no in the office?

Either way, we’re sitting here with our free vibrators on our desks and quite happily so. Granted, our office isn’t like most, but we think that’s a good thing. What about you?

Sorry! This poll is now closed.

The Trojan Vibrations truck with be in the New York City area for the next two days. This evening it will be in the East Village, Williamsburg Waterfront and will end the night in the Lower East Side. Apparently, they have the same Friday night itinerary as me.






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