Want To Carpool To Work? There’s An App For That

In theory, carpooling is the best way to commute: You save gas and parking money, rotate driving duties, help the environment, and get to zip along in that sweet, sweet carpool lane. In reality, carpooling is a pain in the rear headlights. You have to find willing coworkers and coordinate your schedules precisely, or take the risk of somehow finding a group you don’t work with. Luckily, now there’s an app for that.

The new app, called Zebigo, lets users set up carpools on the fly. As a post on Wired Magazine’s Autopia blog explains it, riders create a profile that connects riders and drivers by route and other characteristics. Riders reimburse drivers through a cashless payment system, and also pay a 49-cent fee per trip to the service itself, which estimates the total cost for a 13-mile trip to be about $5.

Even more interesting, users can opt in to a background check conducted by the search engine Lexis-Nexis. The search won’t turn up driving records or Facebook photos, but it willdrive out sex offenders or people with serious criminal convictions. That could make the service a lot more appealing to women interesting in carpooling solo.

For now, Zebigo is only available in Washington state, but it plans to launch nationally next year. In the meantime, check out other carpooling services like Avego, Zimride, and GoLoco.

Photo: Hemera

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