Sarah Palin’s Hair Salon Just Got Its Own Reality Show

Well, it’s about time. The people responsible for making Sarah Palin’s hair be a more popular discussion then actual politics during the presidential debate in 2008 are finally getting their time in the spotlight. According to, the salon responsible for Sarah Palin’s signature styles is the subject of a new TLC reality show, Big Hair Alaska.I would like to point out that this is the same network that is bringing us the one-hour special on the life of Pippa Middleton.

Premiering this fall, the two-part special on the Beehive Beauty Shop “goes inside a busy hair salon in Wasilla, AK, where the personalities of the owner and her staff are as big as the hairstyles they create,” according to TLC.

“She’s very involved in her look and how she’s perceived,” Beehive owner Jessica J. Steele told The New York Times in 2008. “We would talk a lot about how if she looked too pretty or too sexy, people wouldn’t listen to her. How important it was for people to see her as an intelligent, smart woman. It was comical when her hair was down, how big a difference that would make, especially when she was running for governor.”

Her high hair style helped give the petite Palin a little extra height which many women would appreciate, especially if they are working with mostly men. According to Steele, the style also helped Sarah’s desire to look more professional and be “ready to work and not come across as high maintenance and fussy.”

What’s next TLC? A special on Michele Bachmann’s magic migraine-causing high heels?

Big Hair Alaska will air this fall on TLC.

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