Watch Out Israel: Martha Stewart And Oprah May Be Coming Your Way Soon

HELLLLOOOOO ISRAELLLLL! This is what Oprah would say if she found herself in Israel, which according to a report may be an upcoming destination for the Queen of Television this winter. And she is not alone in her pillage to the Holy Land. Martha Stewart may actually beat her to the punch with an expected September visit. Does anyone else see an amazing joint special in the works?

According to YNet, The Foreign and Tourism ministries have been trying for years to bring Winfrey and Stewart, who are each capable of influencing millions of Americans, to Israel. “Such moves are a wise way of taking advantage of opportunities and significantly contributing to efforts to boost Israel’s image as an attractive tourism destination,” Tourism Minister Stas Misezhnikov said. “The Tourism Ministry will continue initiating such moves in the future.”

If the plan does go through, Stewart will be filmed visiting tourist sites such as the Western Wall and the Dead Sea. She may also meet with leading Israeli officials, including President Shimon Peres, and famous chefs who will cook gourmet meals for her using Israeli-made products.

There have not been any details released on Oprah’s possible winter visit to Israel but it is no wonder they want her to come. In April of last year, Oprah’s magazine praised the Israeli company UltraShape for the creation of a device that dissolves fat. The article said it was one of the most “promising innovations in the cosmetics world.” The stock jumped 63% the day the article was posted online. I would really love to see her do a Favorite Things episode there. You know she could get some nice cashmere sweaters there.

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