Can You Really Photoshop Crazy Eyes?

Despite the controversy circling around her Newsweek cover, Michele Bachmann was all business yesterday. Instead of addressing the photo that no one can stop talking about, her campaign steered away from questions regarding it and focused on her campaign.

Said her spokeswoman Alice Stewart, “We’re just not going to address that. We’re focused on what’s important, which is meeting with the people of Iowa in advance of the straw poll.”

While conservative websites can’t stop blaming liberals and the mainstream media for purposely making Bachmann look, well, psychotic, her voters are also feeling the same way. Said one resident of Spirit Lake, Iowa:

“As far as her eyes go, I don’t know if it’s her natural eyes or what it is but it wouldn’t surprise me if they didn’t try to Photoshop something and make it look like crazy or something because that’s what, you know, a lot of the media does when it comes to conservative women.”

But can you really Photoshop crazy eyes? Based on the results of fashion magazines I’m sure anything is possible, but to suggest that Photoshopping is behind this look of madness might be pushing it.

Newsweek released the other photos of Bachmann from which they chose the now-infamous cover, and, to be honest, none of them are exactly flattering.

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