Celebrity Author Tyra Banks Says She’s a Businesswoman, Not a Celebrity Author

There’s no doubt that Tyra Banks has crossed the line from model to mogul – she’s an executive producer on her show America’s Next Top Model and is currently enrolled at Harvard Business School. And like many celebrities, she’s getting into the book publishing business. While it’s nothing unusual for a star to increase their brand exposure by getting a book deal (Snooki, The Kardashians, and other reality stars have taken this route), Banks insists that she’s not like the others. Her first book, a young adult tome entitled Modelland, is about a land where – get this – there are tons of models. The book is intended to be the first of a series. However, when the Los Angeles times asked Banks whether she thought the public had lost interest in books “written” by celebrities, she said, “I question when ‘celebrities’ write books. But I don’t consider myself a celebrity. I consider myself a businesswoman. I’m in business school. I’m a producer and a creator and a storyteller, so it’s a little bit different than being an actress and being like, ‘I wrote a book!’”

In case you couldn’t follow that, here’s the jist of it: it’s bad when actresses write books, but it’s totally fine when people who are in business school and just so happen to be famous write books. Thanks for clearing that up, Tyra! I might wait for the movie adaptation, though.

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