Kristine Gasbarre’s Novel Hasn’t Even Come Out Yet, But It’s A Hit In Hollywood

A new memoir that hasn’t even hit shelves yet is apparently causing a frenzy among A-list actresses who want to star in the movie version. First-time author Kristine Gasbarre‘s excellently titled memoir, How To Love an American Man — don’t you kind of want to read it just based on that? — is about Gasbarre’s journey of self-discovery through a move from New York to Italy and then back home to her parents in small-town Pennsylvania. Sound familiar? An item in Page Six today compared the book to Eat, Pray, Love

New York Magazine chalks the gushing Page Six item up to a savvy book publicist, pointing out that “there’s no script, the film rights haven’t been optioned, no stars are attached, and the book hasn’t even come out yet.” But as one anonymous agent said, “It’s worth optioning based on the title alone.”

The column also reports that agents for Katherine Heigl, Anne Hathaway and Zooey Deschanel are possibly interested in snagging the role for their clients. Gasbarre said, “I have my heart set on Zooey. It needs to be a European actress. I want her to come attached to it.” Hmm. Deschanel has a French grandfather, but she was born in LA, and does anyone think of her as “European”? Without having read the book or even heard of it before about an hour ago, I’ll cast my vote for Rachel McAdams, just because she is the best at everything, and she’s from Canada, which is at least more European than LA.

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