A Look At Movies Where The Assistant Falls In Love With The Boss

The story of the lowly assistant falling for the rich, powerful boss is a common story in movies. Heck, it is a common story in life. Look at David Letterman. He doesn’t have the movie star looks or charm (well, a different kind of charm) of Hugh Grant, Edward Burns or Sandra Bullock but he slept with a number of attractive, young women on his staff. Most likely, those women fell prey to the fact that he was in a position of power.

People sleep with their bosses for a number of reasons: the attraction to money, the challenge of it, the confidence boost you get as a result and, of course, sometimes people do it to get a better job. But mostly it is because powerful people are sought after. Marie Claire Magazine writer Rich Santos wrote “If you sleep with your boss, you may not be sleeping with them, you may just be sleeping with what they represent. And maybe , unconsciously, you think their power might rub off on you if you get that close to them.” Let’s take a look a look at movies where the assistant falls for the boss. Of course, films make sleeping with your boss a much prettier picture, but the idea behind it should still apply.

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