• Mon, Aug 29 2011

When It Comes To Business, Women Sometimes Have More To Offer Than Men

Let’s pat ourselves on the back, shall we? According to a recent study conducted by Pepperdine University, “women in top positions reported beating the industry average in terms of productivity and profitability.” A Catalyst report from July of this year, found that almost 52% of managerial and professional positions are held by women, and for the first time in history, women are receiving more MBA degrees.

To ignore the gender difference is impossible when it comes to business. While in some cases our gender can work against us, in other cases it plays in our favor. With more women entering the workforce, business is forever being molded and changed in ways that are defining history and setting in motion a ripple affect of how the business world will work going forward. Says Glenn Llopis at Forbes:

Women, more than men, have the ability to see what others don’t, do what others won’t and keep pushing their ideas and ideals when prudence says quit.

In other words, we’re intuitive and bring our experiences as women to the table, therefore enabling us to succeed in, perhaps, ways that men do not. Granted, no one is saying women are better, just that we’re different.

For starters, women see opportunities in everything. No person or relationship is off limits when it comes to finding inspiration. Women are focused and determined without allowing their ego to get in the way. If an ego can be put aside, success is easier to attain.

Women have networking in the bag. Says Llopis, women’s “inherent ability to be creative allows for the discovery of opportunities that most miss.” They draw from people in their circle of network contacts, they want to make an impact and because of this, they’re more likely to follow through.

When it comes to relationships, women are experts. It may be the softer side in them, but they can build and foster relationships like pros. They put their heart into connections they have with people not just for the sake of business, but for the sake of building something meaningful and lasting.

Lastly, women are just natural givers. It’s in their DNA to provide for others:

Women seek to give to others but also to their communities. Why do you think most non-profits are run by women? Women enjoy living their lives through a cause that serves the advancement and acceleration of societal needs. This is why in the workplace women are great at inspiring and lifting those around them.

Women are wired to grow and evolve with the times, adapt to changes and learn from them. Of course, and I must reiterate, none of this is saying that women are better. Yes, women are better at having babies and probably better are walking in heels and whatever else with which men do not have to contend. But when it comes to business, women have their own brand and style. They’re making a mark in the current business market and upon the years that will follow. So ladies, let’s embrace our advantages in the business world and let them take us even higher up that corporate ladder.


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  • Jeanne

    Great article – I think it’s the very thing that makes the world go ’round – everyone’s different. Both sexes bring somthing different to the work / home / social environment. There are things each are better at. Where we get stuck in general is one group thinking they are better / smarter than the other. Neither is – each simply brings their stregnth’s to the table – now, if we’re smart, we’ll figure out how to work everyone’s stregnth’s together instead of getting stuck on ego’s, title’s and kissing butt to get to the top!