Is Anna Wintour Losing Her Edge?

According to reports, Anna Wintour has been sporting a softer side lately, and I don’t just mean pastel sweater sets. said the Vogue Editor-in-Chief signed “Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty” catalogues on the last night of the legendary exhibition and has also made mention of a conversation she had with a Metropolitan Museum of Art mail room employee who loved the show. Is this the same woman who was proud that she had earned the nicknames “Nuclear Wintour” and “Wintour of Our Discontent?” “I’m the Condé Nast hit man,” she once boasted to a friend.

But according to a recent revealing interview with Forbes, Anna doesn’t think she is that intimidating. Besides nabbing spot number 69 on Forbes’ 2012 list of most-powerful women, she thinks a lot of her reputation is a result of media hype. “I assure you all the people that work with me on a day-to-day basis don’t think that. That’s just something that’s been fabricated by the media. And as you well know once something is out there, particularly in today’s world, it just gets exaggerated. I keep my head down and do the job to the best of my ability.”

It sounds like Anna may have the same problem that many women in powerful positions are affected by: the “Queen Bee Syndrome.” According to new research, if a woman is put in a position of power, especially in a sexist environment, she tends to behave like an alpha female. “These women are concerned that if they are seen to be helping other women rise to the top or supporting other women in the workplace, they will be derided by the men at work, and will be seen as operating counter to the culture rather than acting like one of the boys,” according to the research. Now, I really don’t know if Vogue is a sexist environment at all and I have a feeling the majority of people who work at Vogue are women but as Editor-In-Chief, Anna has to be focused on the business aspects of the job which may means she works with quite a few men. “It’s not so much about powerful women. In some cases, there are stereotypes about women. I often don’t hear men talked about in the same way. It’s more a sexist stereotype than a powerful stereotype,” she told Forbes.

Well look at that. Anna Wintour has the same struggles that many successful career women have. She just looks especially good while doing it.

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