Lauren Conrad’s 8 Work Attire Commandments You Must Follow

Fashion mogul and Forbes contributor Lauren Conrad has decided to blend her two worlds of being a businesswoman and a fashionista to address the always difficult topic of what is proper work attire on her official web site. Though, she says, it always depends on where you work (Teen Vogue offices are obviously a bit different than working at Barclays), but there are always a few rules to keep in mind. The best-selling author is actually going to start addressing these topics in a new blog series called Dress Coding. From Lauren:

Committing an at-work fashion faux pas is a legitimate offense. Just because you didn’t get the pink slip for your crime (crime = teal tube top) doesn’t mean you’re getting away with it (it = teal tub top)… Wearing the wrong threads has the potential to distort your image as a valued employee and may even prevent you from getting ahead. If Wendy Worker sports tight skirts, sheer blouses and routinely puts her “girls” on display at work, her co-workers may have a difficult time taking her (and her wacko wardrobe) seriously. Therefore, as with all occasions, dress for success—and mean it, especially when you’re on the clock!

I couldn’t have put it better myself. Let’s take a look at Lauren’s eight work attire commandments.


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    • Catterwaller

      Ridiculous waste of space! Everybody knows this! Offenders have ulterior motives, such as getting noticed. Some people would rather be sexy than successful.

    • Karen

      Slide show won’t load for me, just straight black slides