Breaking News: Women Are More Subtle Than Men When It Comes To Competition

At least now we can cross off “lack of competitive spirit” as a possible reason why more women aren’t in higher positions at companies. A new study shows that when it come to competing, men and women are equal; and even better news: women are more “subtle” in how they go about getting what they want.

The recent study took 87 four-year-olds and divided them into same-sex groups of three to see how they would respond in trying to acquire “highly prized puppets.” Joyce Benenson and her colleagues at Emmanuel College in Boston, who conducted the research, found that while boys used “head-on aggression” in trying to get the coveted puppets, the girls, although just as competitive, relied on “the pain of social exclusion.” Sound familiar, ladies?

Boys tended to ask for the puppet, grab at it, or even chase the child who had it. In contrast, girls punished the puppet-holder by excluding her from their clique, whispering behind her back or even hiding from her.

Melissa Emery Thompson from the University of New Mexico in Albuquerque, praised Benenson’s study saying that it created “organic yet controlled situations in which the children’s natural behaviour emerges spontaneously.” Which, in turn, helped to “dispel” those nasty bad rumors that women were the less competitive of the genders.

How anyone who has ever seen a woman in action trying to get what she wants would ever consider the female gender to not have a firm grasp on hardcore competition is quite shocking. Had these researchers not seen those videos of the brides-to-be getting all crazy at those discount wedding dress shops? It’s a dangerous a situation to say the least.

The findings were also suggested to be a reason why girls are far more jealous when it comes to same-sex friendships than boys. It’s regarded as a level of protection on their part “against exclusive coalitions.”

There you have it. Mean girls aren’t made, they’re born; and every single woman probably has it within her being somewhere to pull out the necessary tools to “subtly” get her hands on whatever she wants – whether it’s the corner office or the 50% off wedding dress. Yes, this was indeed breaking news.



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