8 Career Lessons We Can Take From Rachel Zoe

Tonight Season 4 of The Rachel Zoe Project will premiere on Bravo and it is going to be bananas. Not only is the iconic stylist pregnant but this season will also show her launching her first clothing line, designed by her, and basically building her brand.  InStyle magazine’s West Coast Bureau Chief Glynis Costin said, “Rachel Zoe’s new line is the collection that the magazine editors themselves want to wear.”

In three years we have seen Zoe go from “that woman who is always with celebrities” to CEO, designer and successful businesswoman who is going into possibly the most exciting time in her career. Los Angeles Times fashion critic Booth Moore put it correctly when she called Zoe’s career trajectory impressive. “Going from no-name stylist to red carpet tastemaker, earning $6,000 a day, with clients including Cameron Diaz, Eva Mendes and Demi Moore. The next step was full-fledged celebritydom, with a Bravo reality show, QVC line and, now, a fashion collection.” Because we get to see a glimpse of the way she runs her business on the show we have seen that Rachel is not perfect and has had to learn from her mistakes as a manager in this very tough business. “I have always had the conflict that I am a business woman and a career woman but I also tend to think as a woman. We tend to think very much with our hearts,” Rachel said.

Let’s look at the lessons we can take away from this career woman.

Photo: Helga Esteb/Shutterstock.com

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