Higher Learning Week: 7 Reasons Why That Graduate Degree May Have Been A Waste Of Time

How many of you have a graduate degree that you’re not using? Do you know someone who has a graduate degree that they’re regretting having “wasted” time in getting? And honestly, how many people even use their bachelor’s degree? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?

While people have their own reasons for going back to school to get their graduate degree, some people will say it’s both a waste of money and time. Says Liz Pulliam Weston:

Not such a slam dunk: Master’s degrees.

In some fields, such as business or engineering, a graduate degree typically boosted income by more than enough to justify the cost. In others — the liberal arts and social sciences, in particular — master’s degrees didn’t appear to produce much if any earnings advantage. The Census Bureau has updated the data I used a few times since then, and the results are similar: certain graduate degrees just don’t seem to pay off.

So if you didn’t pursue business or engineering what does that say about you? Was that graduate degree you have, the one hanging on your wall with the dust piling up on the frame worth it?  You decide and let us know.




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