• Wed, Sep 7 2011

E. Jean Carroll Says The Thing Holding Women Back at Work Is Men

E. Jean Carroll, whose advice column in Elle magazine is the longest-running advice column in current publication, says she knows what’s holding back women in the workplace: men. On her Twitter account earlier this week, she posted, “Men are the biggest stumbling block in a women’s career.” While that’s a nice change from the female columnists and talking heads who want to blame women for holding themselves back, it’s still pretty reductive. However, her tweet is a little more interesting in the context of other tweets she was posting on Labor Day this past Monday, including:

If men earned the low pay women earn Labor Day would last three weeks.

Labor Day is the day we count our labors in the Battle of the Sexes.

Labor Day—the day when we labor over a new crop of boyfriends.

The first tweet in particular is one I like a lot – after all, I agree with the oft-quoted line that if men got periods, menstruation would be a valid reason to miss work and tampons would be handed out for free by the government. And if E. Jean wants to devote her Labor Day social media output to pointing out that women still haven’t reached equality in the workplace yet, and that they need to be more pissed off about it instead of sliding into complacency? I’m there.

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  • Meredith Lepore

    Love this woman!